Gepost door: maartenvanpraag | augustus 19, 2013

Rise Ya Crazy Lovers – Lyrics

Op 30 augustus verschijnt mijn nieuwe EP Shells And Stones. De komende weken plaats ik alvast de lyrics van de songs online, zodat iedereen vast in de stemming kan komen. Dit is ‘Rise Ya Crazy Lovers’.

Rise Ya Crazy Lovers

(Music & Words: Maarten van Praag)


Hey man have you ever followed the river through town

Have you jumped in it’s water or are you afraid you will drown

Have you followed the silent lights that led up the hill

Are all the mistakes you made haunting you still

Haunting you still

I know that they will

Rise ya crazy lovers

Take on the world

Make every memory last

Oh, rise you crazy lovers

Chase the storm

Bang your drum

Finish what you have begun

Hey man have you ever whispered to the thunder

Do you still carry on when your plan has been torn asunder

Hey man have you ever been someplace you shouldn’t be

Have you tasted the fruit or planted a tree

Maybe you did

Oh, you already did


I read a book last night

About a man

He held a photograph and a barrel to his head

He said ‘it’s all right’

As he looked at the picture

And he threw away the gun

Finish what you’ve begun


Take on the world make every memory last

Rise ya crazy lovers

Chase the Storm

Bang your drum

Finish what you have begun


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